Welcome to Native Authenticator’s documentation!#

This is a relatively simple authenticator for small or medium-sized JupyterHub applications. Signup and authentication are implemented as native to JupyterHub without relying on external services.

NativeAuthenticator provides the following features:

  • New users can signup on the system;

  • New users can be blocked from accessing the system awaiting admin authorization;

  • Option of enforcing password security by disallowing common passwords or requiring a minimum password length;

  • Option to block users after a set number of failed login attempts;

  • Option of open signup without need for initial authorization;

  • Option of asking more information about users on signup (e-mail).

  • Option of requiring users to agree with given Terms of Service;

  • Option of protection against scripting attacks via reCAPTCHA;

  • Option for users with an org-internal e-mail address to self-approve via secure link;

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